Potential new patients who have health insurance are required to have an insurance plan that CNY Family Care is contracted with. Please note, there are a few exceptions. There are certain insurance plans that we only accept for current/ established patients. On our website, see the About tab, and “Insurance and Fees”, to see the list of acceptable insurances for potential new patients.

The first step to becoming a new patient is to call our practice at 315-463-1600. A potential new patient will provide us with their demographic information (name, address, phone number, social security number, and insurance information). To become a patient at CNY Family Care you must agree to actively use our patient portal or have someone use it on your behalf. Therefore, a potential new patient will need to have access to the internet and an internet-capable device (ex. smartphone, tablet, or computer). They will also need to have an active e-mail account which they check regularly. Once a potential new patient provides us with their demographic information, they will receive their Patient Portal Activation Code or instructions on how to set up an Authorized Representative login to their patient portal.

Once we provide a potential new patient with their portal activation code, they will have 30 days to activate their patient portal and enter their complete medical history, family medical history, and social history. It is important that the potential new patient clicks submit once they have finished this task so that our New Patient Representative can review their information, import it into their medical chart, and contact them to schedule their initial new patient appointment. If all information is complete, our New Patient Representative will reach out to the potential new patient by phone within 14 business days to schedule the initial appointment. No appointment will be made before our New Patient Representative receives a complete and comprehensive history submission on our patient portal. If the history submission is not received within 30 days of the potential new patient receiving their portal activation code, CNY Family Care will not proceed with the establishment of that patient. Unfortunately, they will not be able to join our practice.

If the history submitted is incomplete, our New Patient Representative will send the potential new patient a message back on their patient portal explaining what areas still need to be completed. It is important to check your email routinely to ensure you are aware when you have a new message from CNY Family Care. NOTE: The potential patient will not have access to the history area of their portal if the New Patient Representative still has their account under review.

Note: The purpose of your first appointment is to establish care with your new primary care physician at CNY Family Care. If you need a complete routine physical, it will need to be scheduled AFTER your new patient visit.